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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Fiber Optics

Fundamentals interconnection technique technology of measurement systems trends

Dr. Dieter Eberlein et al.

8th ed., 375 pp., 217 ill., 52 tab., 55.00

Author's affiliation:
Ingenieurbro fr Lichtwellenleiter-Technik
The authors have worked in the field of fiber optic technology during the last two to three decades, having gained extensive experience in the research and development of fiber optics.

English abstract:
Modern communication and information technology is constantly demanding greater transmission bandwidths and paths which can be bridged gain-free. The interference immunity requirements increase with greater interference levels. These partly contradictory requirements can only be satisfactorily fulfilled by information transmission using optical waveguides (OWG).
After introducing the basic concepts of fiber optics, the book discusses topics which are especially relevant for the practical use of fiber optics: demountable and permanent optical connections optical waveguide measuring technology focusing on backscattering measuring methods optical transmission systems.
Finally, some of the latest developments affecting the transmission and processing of optical signals in our day will be discussed.
Various examples and a wealth of practical information will enable the reader to apply the material to his specific OWG applications.

The Fundamentals of Fiber Optics Demountable Connecting Technology of Optical Wavguides Permanent Connections
Splicing Technologies Fiber Optic Measuring Technology (Attenuation Measurement, Backscattering Measurement,
Reflection Measurement, Analysis of Problematical Backscattering Diagrams) Optical Transmission Systems
Developments in Fiber Optics Appendix (Abbreviations, Symbols and Measuring Units, Technical Terms)

Target audience:
Engineers and technicians as well as communication engineering, data, measuring and automatic control system experts working in research and development, planning, design, test and purchasing departments

A specimen chapter in English is available at request.
A qualified translator is available.

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