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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) for Everybody

The Systematic Path to Problem Solving

Doz. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dietmar Zobel

285 pp., 61 ill., 7 tab., 37.00

Table of Contents:
The original shapes of ARIZ and TRIZ: The methodical point of departure Ideality, dialectics of contradiction, solution principles The heuristic meta algorithm ARIZ 68 35 "classic" solution principles according to G.S. Altshuller
Modern shapes of TRIZ tools: ARIZ 77, the procedure systematically listed step-by-step The innovation checklist: system analysis in ARIZ Four separation principles: incompatible made compatible Laws of technology evolution, historical method 40 Inventive Principles, classification and selection The Substance-Field representation: maximum of abstraction Standards for solving inventive problems Modeling with Miniature Dwarfs Effects induced by natural law
Sources and precursors of TRIZ thinking
TRIZ as a universal method: TRIZ as a method applicable across the branches TRIZ as a universally applicable thinking strategy
Methodical continuation and practical examples: Always execute the whole works or work with selected tools? Phrasing contradictions for a successful patent application Rational Evaluation in TRIZ thinking Methodical variations, software, trends of evolution Practical examples (Application of ARIZ 77 to an invention genesis. A short-cut application of TRIZ thinking. A result achieved by itself: The haute cole of systematic inventing)
Appendix: The contradiction matrix of G.S. Altshuller 40 principles to solve inventive problems

Preface to an English edition
Today, as in the past, the quest for fresh ideas often seems to follow the pattern "quantity, not quality". This, however, is no good when high-grade solutions are strived for. In difficult cases the problem situation always goes hand in hand with contradictions that seem impossible to solve: something must be hot and cold at the same time, open but also closed, present being absent. In this case, the common compromise-oriented approaches do not suffice anymore: hot and cold must on no account make lukewarm! Traditional methods like brainstorming, semantic intuition, visual confrontation or synectics are not capable of offering solutions to suchlike problem situations. The common quest for compromise must apparently be substituted by the target-oriented development of high-grade solutions. Instead of allowing for a batch of second- and third-class suggestions, one should aim at developing only a small but high-grade variety of solutions to a problem. At present, such unusual requirements are solely met by the TRIZ method. TRIZ is a Russian acronym of "Teorija Reshenija Izobretat'elskich Zadacz". In English, the according acronym TIPS generates from "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving". Already in the 1940s, the ingenious G.S. Altshuller created the basics of TRIZ and developed it further. After 1985, his students took responsibility for his work. While TRIZ was originally designed a problem solving method for the subject area of inventions, it is today also successfully applied in non-technical areas like in the marketing or management sector.
The book at hand is the work of a practical inventor. It presents the authors own methodical development as well as the technical realization of the method in a broader sense, both of which have not been much considered in the English language area to date. TRIZ is primarily explained as a universal line of reasoning applicable not only in the technical sector but in various non-technical realms. Once having gained access to the methodical pattern, interested readers from any kind of professional background may start his or her creative work right away.
With the best wishes from the author for pleasure in working, luck and success! Dietmar Zobel

A sample chapter is available upon request.

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