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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Dictionary of Automotive Engineering

Dr. Dr. Ingo Stben

327 pp., 39,80

The modern automobile epitomizes a high-tech, complex world with a continuous flow of new technical terms and specifics.
Today, mastering the English language does not suffice to be able to move confidently in the masses of current international specialized literature and documentation of automotive technology, and thus to be able to understand and make use of other specialists knowledge in a globalized environment. Interested parties often lack knowledge of the technical terms and precise definitions specific to automobiles, which are not part of everyday speech.
Standard dictionaries cannot possibly convey detailed specific technical matter, so the user increasingly runs into limits.
This dictionary aims to provide valuable aid to the expert (engineer or mechanic), student, or other interested part. A number of conversion tables for the units used in the various measuring systems supplement the dictionary. This is an indispensable tool in acquiring or expanding practical professional competence.

Prospective buyers:
Experts, students, and enthusiasts of automotive technology

The Author:
Dr. Dr. Ingo Stben is an economist and sociologist and has written several publications on the subject of sociological technology studies and economics to his credit. The technical basis for the compilation of the expert Dictionary of Automotive Engineering represents the professional experience of the author in this field after his training as an automobile mechanic and as a technical writer. He has also served in England advanced training programs in the area of automobile technology. His experience has also been introduced and documented in the expert Compact-Dictionary of automobile technique. Dr. Dr. Stben is currently a freelance consultant.

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