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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Lubrication of Internal Combustion Engines

Christoph von Eberan-Eberhorst, M.A. et al.

337 pp., 265 ill., 113 tab., 66.00

The lubricant is an essential functional component of every type of internal combustion engine. Lubricant properties must be adapted to the specific requirements of each particular engine type in order to guarantee high performance, economy, reliability and engine durability.
In the past insufficient attention has often been paid to the complex subject of engine lubrication. The purpose behind this book is, therefore, to deepen the understanding of the subject on a broader basis by dealing in some detail with various aspects of tribology in engines. The book is based on papers presented at a seminar held regularly at the Technische Akademie Esslingen, Germany, under the leadership of Prof.Dr.W.Bartz, one of Europes leading tribologists. The contents of these papers are brought up-to-date on a regular basis.
The authors of the various chapters of this book have many years of experience in industry and research, e.g. as producers of engines, oil filters, lubricants or lubricant additives. The book describes the historic development and the current state-of-the-art regarding engine lubricants and lubrication, the requirements of various types of internal combustion engine, the chemo-physical properties of engine lubricants, relevant classifications and specifications as well as important environmental aspects including the rules and regulations pertaining to fresh oils and to used oil disposal.
The different aspects of engine lubrication are presented with a view to the practical application of the information rather than in a mere theoretical way. It is the intention that this book should be a useful reference for those interested in learning more about engine lubricants and that they should be able to utilize the information in their daily work. For further studies on the subject a large number of literature references is provided. An alphabetical subject index facilitates the use of the book as a work of reference.

Outline of Contents:
Engine Lubricants as Partners of Engine Development: Yesterday Today Tomorrow Requirements versus Automotive Engine Lubricants: General and ACEA Sequences Lubricants for Automotive Engines: Base Oils, Additives, Properties and Test Methods Fuel-Efficient Engine Oils: Friction, Base Oils, Additives, Test Results Lubrication of Modern Passenger Car Engines: Design of Lubrication System Design and Function of Modern Oil Filtration Systems: Different Types of Full-Flow and Bypass Systems Lubricant Requirements of Current and Future Marine Diesel Engines: Effect of Fuel and Engine Design High Performance Engine Oils: International Specifications and Market Requirements Lubrication of Two-Stroke Cycle Engines: Modern Technology, Requirements, Environmental Aspects and Classification Systems Engine Oil Analyses and Their Significance: Test Methods, Interpretation of Results, Rejection Limits Legislation Regarding the Handling of Fresh Oils and Used Oils: Health & Safety Aspects and Disposal

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