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Euro: 19.80
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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Elimination of Engine Generated Nanoparticles

Problems and Solutions

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Mayer and 81 Co-authors

520 pp., 385 ill., 33 tab., 74.00

Authors affiliation:
The large group of authors represents the worldwide industrial and research activity in this rapidly developing field.

English abstract:
This volume summarizes the current knowledge about engine generated particles, their physics, chemistry and health effects, methods of sampling, measurement and characterization, measures to reduce the particle generation inside the engine as well as to eliminate them by aftertreatment.

It supplies latest information for engineers in engine and aftertreatment development, fuel and lubrification technology, type approval and in-use compliance testing as well as for emission authorities and interested users of clean new Diesel engines.

Properties of Combustion Particles Particulate Emissions of Modern IC Engines CNG SI Engine with 3W-Catatyst versus Diesel Engine with PFS to Power Public Buses Influencing (Nano)Particle Emissions of 2-Stroke Scooters Particle Size Distributions Measured at Different Traffic Sites and Determination of Vehicle Emission Factors Air Pollution and Health Effects: Evidence from Epidemiological Studies Conventional and New Methods of Particle Measurement Advances in Diesel Particulate Filter Simulation More than 25 Years of Particulate Filter Patent Publications Fine Dust Emissions and Nanoparticles from Combustion Engines Requirements for Diesel Particle Filter Systems Hot Gas Filtration of Fine and Ultra Fine Particles Ceramic Wall-Flow Diesel Particulate Filters: Material, Design, Function Influence of SiC-DPF Filter Structure on Gas Permeability and Exhaust Gas Backpressure Particulate Emission Filters and their Contribution to Diesel Emission Control Regeneration with Diesel Burners Fuel Borne Catalysts (FBC) for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration Catalytic Coatings for Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Materials for Diesel Particulate Filters: Properties and Application Electrical Regeneration Active Exhaust Technology for Regeneration Measures Throttling to Promote Filter Regeneration Combined Regeneration Strategies for Diesel Particulate Traps Requirements for Diesel Particle Filter Systems as an Integrated Solution for Construction Machinery and Mobile Cranes Requirements Pertaining to Particulate Filter Technology for Commercial Vehicles: PMF(TM) Sintered Metal Particulate Filter Opens a New Dimension of Performance Calculation of Diesel Particulate Filters for Passenger Cars Certification and Compliance Test of Particle Filters in Switzerland: The VERT Suitability Test Protocol Particle Sampling and Measurement for Type Approval and Field Control Particle Filters and SCR-DeNOx with Locomotives Potential of Fuels and Lubricants in Reducing Particulate Emission Secondary Emissions of Catalytic Particulate Traps Experience of Particulate Filters for Heavy Duty Vehicles Filter Retrofitting 1000 Berlin Buses: 5 Years of Experience Swiss Experience with Particle Filter Retrofit of Construction Machines and Buses

The entire text is available in English

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