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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Layout and Design of Optical Reflectors

Theory and Applications

Dr. Gerhard Kloos

200 pp., 156 ill., 44,00

The book introduces to reflector layout for illumination engineering. It describes a variety of optical reflectors in detail emphasizing how geometrical reasoning can be used to find efficient optical designs.
The book provides an introduction to reflector designs used in illumination engineering.
It gives an overview on useful geometries, explains them in detail, and can be consulted as a reference. Emphasis is put on efficiency considerations & calculations, because of their high importance in engineering practice. Step-by-step derivations are given so that the reader can read the book with ease and can directly apply its contents to her/his own engineering tasks.
The book intends to familiarize the reader with reflector design for illumination devices or systems. Its main purpose is to provide a working knowledge that the reader can directly apply to her/his engineering tasks.
The book is organized to provide a systematic overview on the subject. This is done to make the book also useful for reference purposes. Readers who have to check different geometries to find an approach for a given design task may refer to the contents of chapter 4. Readers who would like to learn calculation methods may study chapter 3. Readers who like to learn on specific applications may have a look at chapter 5.
In addition, even though being self-contained, in chapter 7 and in the bibliography the book provides access to the technical literature on optical reflectors and their applications. Original work is cited throughout the text.

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