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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Tractor Hydraulics

Hydrostatic components and systems for agricultural tractors

Dr.-Ing. Horst Hesse and 7 co-authors

2nd ed., 170 pp., 207 ill., 48.00

Authors affiliation:
Dr. H. Hesse has been head of the R&D-Department Mobil-Hydraulics of the Robert Bosch Corporation in Stuttgart, Germany for 22 years. Some of the co-authors are former colleges of Dr. Hesse or specialist of technically leading companies in the special area they are presenting.
Dr. Hesse has retired in 1996, but he is still teaching and consulting in the field of mobile hydraulics. The co-authors are working in their companies.

English abstract:
The main applied systems-configurations and components for agricultural tractors are described in detail.

Hydraulically realized functions on tractors Systems for the working hydraulics Construction and function of gear-pumps Construction and function of axial-piston-pumps Directional control-valves Electronic hitch-control-systems Hydraulic steering-systems Hydrostatic transmissions Hydro-pneumatic suspension for front axles

A specimen chapter in English is available at request.
A qualified translator is available.

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