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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Project Management live

Instruments, procedures and cooperations, guarantors for successful projects

Max L. J. Wolf / Rudolf Mlekusch / Gerhard Hab

6th ed., 286 pp., CD-ROM, 68.00

Authors' affiliation:
Max L. J. Wolf, grad. economist
Experience: Organisation of training programs in the software sector of an international electronic company, protection of methods for IT-projects, management of a project office for communication, project leader for training projects and implementation of documentation tools.
Since 1990 owner of Wolf Prozessmanagement-Training GmbH, Unterschleissheim, trainer and coach. Installation of project management in the automobile industry and other industrial plants, including implementation of project management standards, coaching of project leaders of projects in industrial plants and research projects, moderation of communication workshops (conflict solving strategies).
Cooperation with recommeded training institutes such as VDI-Wissensforum, Dsseldorf, IHK und RKW Bayern and honorary assistance to GPM (1985 1995).

Dr. Rudolf Mlekusch, maths, physics, informaticy and project leader
Experience: Software Developer, Project Manager, Systems analyst and data processing for a hydrographic information system and development of Oracle and Access data banks. Quality control of a hydoeconomic information system.

Gerhard Hab
Experience: Project management and controlling in the automotive industry, leading position in organisation projects, since 1997 businessman and companion of an innovative enterprise in the building trade and since 2000 owner of the company Hab.Project.Coaching. Lecturer at the technical collage for economic engineerings for the Master training program for project management.

English abstract:
This book has appeared in the 5th edition and belongs to the basics of practical, systematic and effective project work.
There are many processes to be managed effectively in projects such as negotiations, team building, planning, change oder technical processes. It is most important to perform the processes in projects well in order to gain good customer relations and product quality on the one hand and on the other hand to reduce the length of processes and to avoid costs explosions.

The main subjects are:
Definition of a project and project management How does a chain of processes turn into a successful project? Which factors play a detemined role in the beginning of a project? How is systematic project planning organised? How are unforeseen changes and claims steered and settled? What software tools are to be considered in the practical operation business? When is the implementation of project management useful? Is it necessary to have a project view when Installation of Project Management is planned?

This book is meant for engineers, project leaders and members and controllers being in charge for projects.

Outline of contents:
Overview and a case study for applied project management Project hand over organization, project targets requirements Project planing, project structure, work packages, project result structure, milestones, leading, teamworking, scheduling, cost planing, risk managment Project steering, comparison of planned and actual trends, change and claim management, project meetings, reports und information policy Project conslusion, management of know-how for future projects Documentation tools
Application of project management Implementation of project management in a company

A qualified translator is available.

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