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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Project Management for Developing New Products

Friedrich Stein, Dipl.-Ing. (Electronics and Cybernetics)

3nd ed., 311 pp., 49.00

Author's affiliation:
Product development, production and quality management in different companies of automotive industry;
CEO of a high-tech company developing, producing and selling investigation equipment (machine vision) for international markets;

Since 2000 management consult (business strategies, business management systems), trainer and coach (product and project management, team development and leadership).
The author has grown up with projects. More than 20 years of industrial experience in projects allow different view points to projects, as a team member, as a project manager (in product development, in customer ordered and in change projects), as CEO and in extreme situations as a crisis manager as well.

The author has gained further experiences as a management consultant and trainer / coach that enriches this book.

English abstract:
Product cycles are running shorter and shorter, problems in product development are growing more complex and customers expectations concerning the resulting products are getting more ambitiously. They expect solutions from experts believing they are capable to manage urgent problems successfully. Short-lividness, complexity and change are not only characteristics of our time, but also the essential criteria why a kind of renaissance of project management is dedicated recently. Extensive project management may be probably one of the most effective procedures to solve complex and novel problems.
Project management includes plenty of different disciplines and methods to serve the project progress. The project success requires not only well-executed methods, but still more engaged project managers being as good examples in the way how to dialogue with the project team and other parties involved in the project. So-called soft factors are getting strongly more important for the project success.
This book, written on practical experiences, may support your project management practice. A lot of symbols, drawings and graphs shall increase your learning process. In this book the important project definitions are clarified, aspects of the project organization are developed, and the factors of the project success are focused. Product design (R&D-) projects have special challenges overviewed in a special chapter. Following the determining project phases all proven project management methods are explained step by step. Ignored in project management these subjects may create serious problems or even critical situations. Therefore, risk management, team development, leadership in projects and conflict management have are main focused in some chapters.

Outline of contents:
Important project definitions Project organizations and project success factors Determining phases in project roll-out: initiation phase and project charter, Kick-off, project structures and schedules, monitoring and controlling, project close-out Proven project management-methods Risk management Team development Project manager as a leader Conflict management

A specimen chapter in English is available at request.
The author could provide the whole text in English.

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