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Euro: 394.80
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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Plastics and EMC

Electromagnetic Compatibility by electrically conductive plastics

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Leute

2nd ed., 191 pp., 82 ill., 12 tab., 39,80

Author's affiliation:
University of Applied Science, Ulm

English abstract:
Plastic materials are ubiquitous in many fields of electronics, be it in office, entertainment or industrial applications, However, they are responsible for two problems which have to be taken quite serious: The usual plastic materials are dielectric materials and have no shielding effectiveness whatsoever against electromagnetic fields and wave these being troublesome radiated electromagnetic interferences. As electrical insulators plastics can be easily charged by triboelectricity; voltages reached during charging and current densities during discharging are often lethal to microelectronic circuits.

The discussion covers the electrical properties of plastic materials which are no longer hazardous to electronics, the methods how such properties can be realized, and the measurement techniques for making certain that the methods have worked. Much information is given for practical work (including standards) but basic explanations of the phenomena are given as well.

Introduction to the EMC-problems caused by plastics Overview over shielding in general Electrostatic charging and discharging Mesaurements (conductivity, shielding specimens, shielding enclosures; charging and discharging etc.) Conductive polymer materials (conductive fillers and coatings, intrinsically conductive polymers etc.)

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A qualified translator is available.

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