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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Finite Element Method

Fundamentals and applications

Dr. Yasar Deger

5th ed., 159 pp., 131 ill., 29.80

Authors affiliation:
HSR, Univerity of Applied Sciences, Rapperswil & Sulzer Innotec Ltd, Structural Mechanics, Winterthur / Switzerland

English abstract:
The powerful computation techniques and user-friendly pre- and postprocessing capabilities offered by finite element program suppliers can be competently applied only if students and engineers are familiar with the very basics, possibilities and shortcomings of these modern and efficient simulation tools. This book, based on long term experience of the author, aims firstly to enable to the reader an easy understanding of theoretical background of the finite element (FE) method. Furthermore, the book covers a brief introduction into computational algorithms, modelling of various material behaviours, thermal and dynamical FE analysis and the treatment of nonlinear problems
The identification and discretization of the physical problem to investigate, the specific aspects and various steps of modelling techniques and the interpretation of the results obtained are discussed with special emphasis. A wide range of selected examples, adaptable to most of commercially available finite programs, are included for self-study or teaching purposes.

Introduction Theoretical Basics Stiffness matrices of selected elements Guidelines for successful modelling: From general simulation aspects to the detection of possible errors or critical results Simulation of material behaviour Thermal FE analysis Nonlinear FE analysis Optimization of FE models based on data from experimental modal analysis

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