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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Nietschke, Wilfried / Predelli, Oliver: Automotive Powertrain Control Systems

Nietschke, Wilfried / Predelli, Oliver

Automotive Powertrain Control Systems

Electronics on the Move
Unter Mitarbeit von Ko-Autoren 2013, 479 S. (RT) Kt.
79,00 €, 103,00 CHF
ISBN: 978-3-8169-3155-3
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Control systems for the modern powertrain are defined by measures to reduce CO 2 and meet emission ceilings. Hybridization, downsizing and new combustion processes demand efficient algorithm structures with real-time capability. Exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems are using various catalyst concepts that require tailored sensor systems and regeneration strategies. And OBD functions are stretched to their technical limits in striking the balance between reliable fault detection and avoiding incorrect messages.
All-electric drives are being developed alongside conventional hybridized and non-hybridized com-bustion engines. They provide greater degrees of freedom in designing the torque curve. Power-train control and battery management systems are opening up a whole new dimension in drivability characteristics. For the driver, top priority is given to reproducing them whatever the battery charge states

A novel adaptive ?-Tracking Approach for automotive Transmission Control Systems – Turbocharger Speed Detection via On Board Acoustic Emission Analysis – Sound Actuators in Passenger Cars – Vehicle propulsion control unit architecture for 2015-2020 – On Board Indicated Torque Evaluation from Instantaneous Engine Speed Measurement – Virtual Sensors for Controlling a Diesel Engine – Exact Multivariable Air Charge Control on a Spark Ignition Engine – Flexible, Configurable Control Unit: Optimization of data calibration – Dynamic Friction Modeling for DC-Motors – Chip simulation of automotive ECUs – Certification of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for maritime applications – vATL - A Virtual Turbocharger on the Basis of Physical Models: Faster Calibration Processes with Deeper System understanding – Turbocharger control method for internal combustion engine – Adaptation of the Injection Control Valve for Piezo-Driven Diesel Servo Injectors – Thematic Focus: DieselCommon Rail Injection Quantity Control based on Injector Internal Signals – LSU Adv – Improving Robustness For Use Upstream of Turbochargers – Start/Stop-Systems and -strategies in conjunction with a 48V-system – Predicting and Optimizing Driving Range with Predictive Power Train Management and Driver-Assist Systems in Electric Vehicles – Predictive control systems in heavy-duty commercial vehicles – Advances in Exhaust Temperature Sensing and their Applicability for Diesel Emission Diagnostics – Efficient soot raw emission-modelling for Diesel engine control units – OBD and service diagnosis for powertrain systems challenges - proceeding and solutions from a supplier point of view – Structure of a torque path for electric vehicles (EV) – Mercedes-Benz Hybrid – Parallel Hybrid in Combination with Diesel Engine – Process- and signal- based methods of fault detection and diagnosis in today‘s gasoline-engine injection systems – On-Board Diagnostics for Heavy-Duty Diesel – Concept for scheduling of calibration processes embedded in a system for self-tuning of engine management systems – Virtual Engine as a Tool for Model-based Calibration: GDI Engine Case Study - Use of Rapid Prototyping and Closed loop Simulation within the development of complex control algorithms – A Uniform Concept for the Reliable Calibration of High Performance Position Controllers for Various Intake System Actuators – Industrial use of HIL Engine Management System validation – ISO 26262 compliant Verification and Validation Concept for an Automatic Transmission – Flexibles Rapid Control Prototyping für die Steuerung von Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeugen – A quasi-static simulation tool for the design and optimization of hybrid powertrains – Use of Simulation for the Calibration of Engine Electronic Control Units

Target group:
Engineers in the automotive and supporting industry as well as at universities and research
institutions, developers, test engineers

The Editors:
Wilfried Nietschke is engineer and Executive Vice-President Technology Monitoring at IAV.
Oliver Predelli is engineer and Senior Vice-President Diesel Engines at IAV.

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