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Euro: 124.40
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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Bäker, Bernard / Morawietz, Lutz: Energy Efficient Vehicles Technology,

Bäker, Bernard / Morawietz, Lutz

Energy Efficient Vehicles Technology, I

(Technologie energieeffizienter Fahrzeuge, I)
In cooperation with 35 co-authors 2011, 160 S., 112 Abb., 6 Tab. (RT) Kt.
49,80 €, 65,00 CHF
ISBN: 978-3-8169-3069-3
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Based on actual development reports, system descriptions and case studies, the present state of technology and current trends in research and development in the field of energy efficient vehicles are discussed.

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Role of Aerodynamics and Thermal Management in the Vehicles of Tomorrow – Energy Balance: Future Mobility and Its Energy Sources – »Residence and Mobility«: Renewable Energy Management in the System »Building-eMobility« – The Lotus Evora 414E Series Hybrid Sportscar – STILL RX70 Hybrid: Hybrid Diesel-Electric Power Train in Forklift Trucks – Life Cycle Cost Calculations of Diesel-Electric Locomotives with Electrochemical Storage Systems – Considerations and Approaches for a Dual Voltage Power Supply System with 48 Volt – Integration of Electrical/Electronic-Relevant Modules in the Model-Based Design of Electrical/Electronic-Architectures – Efficiency in Automotive Powernets with Semiconductor Solutions – Energy-Optimized Air-Conditioning with Surface Heaters and Heat Pump for Increasing the Cruising Range of Electric Vehicles or Reducing CO2 from Conventional Vehicles – Effect of Temperature Noise Factor in Energy Management of Series Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Approach to a Predictive Supervisory Control Strategy using Vehicle History based Forecast Information – Approach to Energetic Evaluation of Different Deceleration Methods by the Use of Predictive Information

Interested parties:
Researchers, developers, product planners and managers of car manufacturers, system suppliers, service providers and research institutes.

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernard Bäker, Department of Vehicle Mechatronics, Institute of Automotive Technologies Dresden – IAD, Dresden University of Technology
Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Morawietz, Department of Vehicle Mechatronics, Dresden University of Technology; IAM GmbH Dresden

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